Laura K Combs (@_honeycombs_)

4 days ago

I miss the ocean but I think I’m in love with Texas right now! I’m (clearly ) really happy here. I never thought I would come back to live in the same place I grew up in as a child. I used to run these streets barefoot playing in the creeks and now I’m back at it again. 15 years later. I actually feel like a kid again. Just happy to live life, finding joy in the fact that I can walk outside without a jacket at any time of day! And I wear overalls a lot now and I say Ya’ll.. next I will be saying yes ma’am and yes sir after everything... apparently I still say bagels like I’m from Seattle though 🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyways, happy Monday, I hope you guys are out there finding yourselves and living your best lives too ✨🌈