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#eyeofsahara #richatstructure #guelberrichat #sahara ūüź™ūüźęūüź™ #saharadesert #mauretania ūüá≤ūüá∑ #The ¬†Richat Structure, also called¬†Guelb er Rich√Ęt¬†, the¬†Eye of Africa, or¬†Eye of the Sahara¬†is a prominent circular feature in the¬†Sahara's¬†Adrar Plateau, near¬†Ouadane, west‚Äďcentral¬†Mauritania,¬†Northwest Africa. It is an eroded dome, 40 kilometres (25¬†mi ) in diameter, exposing sedimentary rock in layers which appear as concentric rings.¬†Igneous rock¬†is exposed inside and there are spectacular rhyolites and gabbros which have undergone¬†hydrothermal alteration¬†and a central¬†megabreccia. The structure is also the location of exceptional accumulations of¬†Acheulean¬†archeological artifacts.