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Please get this 👇 The Lord is telling us to wake up and also to speak it out in the spirit for the Church and others to wake up in Jesus Name. Definition of “wake up” or “awake” (Merriam Webster Dictionary ): 🔥 to cease sleeping : to become awake 🔥 to rouse (a person or animal ) from or as if from sleep - The sound of a door slamming woke him up. 🔥 to become aware or to make (someone ) aware of something (such as an existing problem or danger ) - They finally woke up and realized what was happening. 🔥 to make (something ) active : AROUSE, STIR #rhemaword #propheticword #wakeup #awake #churcharise #christianblogger #christianwriter #mouthpieceofthelord #sybellaowensministries #sybellaowens