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4 days ago

BETWEEN SLEEPING & WAKING Our sleep begins and ends with dream images that visit the mind on the boundaries between sleep and wakefulness. As the dreamer falls asleep, the brain produces steady alpha rhythms that characterize a state of deep relaxation; the pulse and breath rate slow down and the body temperature drops. Then the Alpha rhythms begin to break up, and the sleeper enters fully into stage one sleep where his or her mind is briefly filled with weird, hallucinatory dreams that characterize hypnagogic state (dreams that precede sleep ). Hypnogogic images include formless shapes such as waves of pure color, designs and patterns often of perfect symmetry and geometrical regularity, and writing not only in the dreamers language but in foreign, ancient and even entirely imaginary languages. Hypnopompic are dreams that arrive as we are waking. Some writers describe hypnopompic states as including voice warnings of impending disaster, mysterious dialogue or bars of enchanting music heard as clearly as if coming from within the room. Tactile and olfactory sensations are also common, and sometimes there is a complexity of awareness as if the dreamer is simultaneously seeing a vision, listening to a conversation, and smelling sweet perfume. Some research describes hypnopompic and hypnagogic states as exploring the ego plays as consciousness drifts between waking and sleep.It has been suggested that visionary hypnagogic dreams are a product of the egos attempt to regain control over thought processes after the rapid change in consciousness caused by the loss of contact with waking reality. One psychologist suggested both states act as anxiety reducers, drawing the dreamer away from the trials of waking life in order to promote personal growth and development. #wakeup #wakeupearly #growth #personaldevelopment #sleep #dreams #goodnight