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Glorification 1. the action of describing or representing something as admirable, especially unjustifiably. "I don't like the glorification of violence" 2.praise and worship of God. "worshippers repeat their glorification of God" (Notice they put the negative first ) Start focusing on bettering yourself first and foremost! What you eat, what you drink, you eat trash your body will repair itself in a trashy manner while you think you may be clean but still pollute your your body you are what you eat Second stop focusing on numbers there is away more people than what is shown on the first image of 329 million people in the U.S. there isnt even 100,000 cases although every case isn't recorded that's not even 1% there is a higher percentage of HIV I personally say you shouldn't worry and stress if you take the common sense precautions to having a healthier lifestyle after all remember what glorification is peace kings and queens NOW WAKE YO ASS UP #publicserviceannouncement #wakeup #duh #commonsense #hebeblending