Katharine | 15 🇺🇸 (@kitkat.eq)

2 weeks ago

I made someone a progress edit using this song today and I thought it was a perfect song for this kind of edit so I decided to make one of myself. Looking at my progress I’m so happy and proud of myself because a year ago I felt like it was impossible for me to do the things I want with riding, but now it really feels like if I keep working at it I can get there. Switching barns was 100% the best decision I’ve ever made and I’ve learned so much there! I’m the kind of person who always looks back, so I’m definitely always going to wonder what would have happened if I stayed at my old barn, but I’m really glad I made the decision because I am so so happy with where I am now! Since I’ve been sitting at home with nothing to do it felt like a good time to spend an hour on a progress edit. Soon I’ll have been leasing Tegan for three months and to celebrate that I’m going to tell the story of my first time riding him so stay tuned!