Southern 🦋 Grace by Design (@southerngracebydesign)

2 weeks ago

Art vibes begin here... with dreams. It is always an expression of something about something in my life. Sometimes it is an expression of what is no longer, or what I have wanted, needed, or I'm pursuing to make possible. The way I create art is so very random at first. I begin with whatever I'm feeling in that moment, and often, I didn't even realize what that emotion was at the time. The physical act of applying lines or paint to a canvas (any form of a canvas ), it is like an exercise to being more self aware, a path to mindfulness, like a meditation, and just like a feeling of flow. Art is healing. Art is therapy. Art is self care. Art is everywhere... it is in one way or another, an expression of everything we have seen, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted. Art is all of the senses we experience in life. #healingthroughthearts #expressionism #abstractexpressionism #artinprogress #artistofinstagram #artiseverywhere #artist #obs #mindfulness #perception #fivesenses #dreams #dreambig