5 days ago

Thinking about what you should do today? • In the midst of all this, is there a book you have been meaning to read for a while but haven’t picked it up? Is there a hobby you’ve dreamed about just haven’t started? An online course you want to do and have been putting it off waiting for the perfect moment? A friend you’ve been meaning to call and keep missing each other? Wanted to take a break and rest your body but just could not help but keep going? • I say yes to all of the above!!!!!! There is a whole bunch of media being thrown our way (including this post lol ) and as crazy as it sounds have you thought about what it would feel like to just avoid the social media pressure for one day? (If you could ) and start one of the above questions! • We are so fortunate to have the internet and social media in days like this where we really feel dis-connected from the world. As we use it to create connections more importantly now than ever, it’s also important to use this time to RE-CONNECT with YOURSELF! • Say hey today I’m gonna pamper myself, I’m gonna read that book I’ve been wanting to read, I’m gonna meditate, I’m gonna just appreciate this beautiful body and mind I have and say “I LOVE ME” and I’m happy to “MEET ME AGAIN”. • Once this is all over, we will all have the moment of reflection on how we used this time, when you reflect what will you want to see and feel? • 📸 @waleed .deeba #peace #love #innerconnection #selflove #appreciation #foodforthought #newday #selfisolation #lockdon #unitedkingdom #mindfulness #health #wealth #exercise #workout #the #mind