Southern 🦋 Grace by Design (@southerngracebydesign)

3 weeks ago

So this is our current situation... Gracie Lynn can hardly contain herself with the idea of torching art. So far, I have only gesso'd a canvas we will be repurposing to give us a clean slate. She's ready for the torch like pronto lol! 🙃 But truly the next step is Acrylic paint and a bit of water in a cup, maybe some medium this time (you could also use soap or simply just a bit of h2o ). A fluid pour painting is so much fun for kiddos. It can be messy, so be prepared. The best part of it is seeing their imaginations run wild while they decide what is shaping up in their art. We learn a lot about ourselves and we create deeper thought, even strengthen the abilities to think quickly and just do it! This is how we create joy for ourselves. And exactly what we'll be doing often while there's no school. Her art will also teach us both about patience and how to create goodness out of not so good situations. Art is much more than just a perspective beauty or how we see it visually. Art is an expression of many things that bring much happiness and joy. Art is life. Art is everywhere. And, it really matters to our wellbeing. In whatever form one chooses, art is healing and healthy. Art creates and shares memories and time of reflection for more than just the artist. Keep on going... keep on keeping on with what you do and together we will all connect and get through this time. Focusing on what I can do vs. what I cannot, that is what makes me keep on doing... if I settle into the fear of the unknown, what am I teaching that little girl? I choose to teach her self empowerment and skills that will last her a lifetime in so many more ways than just art. I'm an artist in #obs and I'm creating art with my little girl. Follow our progress... Live, laugh, love... experience life! Can't stop me now. #artist #writer #songwriter #joycreator #griefjourney #healingthroughthearts #suicidelosssurvivors #keepon #survivorofsuicideloss #keepgoing #ptsdawareness #livelaughlove #hotmessparenting #amwriting #writerslife #artsy #griefsupport #arttherapy #empowerment #griefsupportforkids #resiliency #musicislife #bernzomatic #thrivingnotsurviving #mindfulness #gratitude #torchart