Southern 🦋 Grace by Design (@southerngracebydesign)

3 weeks ago

When you wanna feel a bit more confident with your sassy, you just go all in with the red. Yep, not temporary... Now I gotta adjust a bit lol and decide color on those brows. The joys of being a woman! #selfcare #redheadshavemorefun #sassyred #bebold #confidentwomen I'm an artsy kinda spirit and maybe a little hippie, but with lipstick. #modernhippie #artsy #artist #hippiespirit #expressionistic You see, I lost a lot of self confidence after my fiance passed away. He took his own life four years ago. In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday. But in many other ways, it seems like forever ago. I struggle to hear the sound of his voice. I feel guilt and sadness because of this... the sound of his radio voice is becoming so vague in my mind now. #suicidelosssurvivor #stopsuicide #survivorsofsuicideloss #stopstigma I also struggle with ptsd... with severe anxiety at times. The struggle is real and intense from much trauma. That said, I am one very strong woman and very much self aware. #ptsdawareness #wellbeing #mindfulness #resiliency My way of coping through grief and caring for my wellbeing has largely been through the arts. I paint with acrylics and sketch. I have attempted to make lighting out of repurposed bottles, and also more successfully, candles. I also work with wood and I create an artsy design by repurposing furniture. I'm also a writer, and now, even attempting songwriting. Life is as beautiful as we design it to be. #artistofinstagram #writer #songwriter Complicated grief can be overwhelming with so many feelings across the spectrum of emotions. Having an outlet for expression of all these mixed up and sometimes simultaneous emotions has offered me a feeling of control over my circumstances. It has empowered me entirely. #complicatedgrief #griefjourney #selfempowerment Let me encourage you to try something new of interest to yourself in the arts. And especially so in these difficult times with this #coronavirus spreading much fear and illness, keeping us feeling disconnected. Art is worthy. Art creates joy. #healingthroughthearts #keepgoing #amwriting #southerngracebydesign #writerslife