Southern 🦋 Grace by Design (@southerngracebydesign)

3 weeks ago

This I believe... Perspective is everything to having clear enough vision to easily find the goodness and the beautiful around us. Mindset guides our perspective. Being mindful of our thoughts, attitude, choices, and our own power to control our mind to easily see the beauty around us all adds up to equal self empowerment. Self empowerment also empowers others. The influence adds strength by one, two, and the many.... There is strength in numbers multiplied by the few, the many more, and that is powerful. Sometimes it is literally a choice. It doesn't always come natural to me. But I am very much aware. I have PTSD, with such extreme anxiety at times that I can hardly breathe. It can come out of nowhere, and at times it can just build and build into a real panic. Oftentimes I can control that simply by creating joy..I need my time outs to just take in the beauty around me. To meditate in it so-to-speak. It is okay to not be okay. We all are at times and for good reasons. And, it is also okay to decide to choose to make it feel better than okay. A simple little thing, like watching that sun rise or set, this makes me feel way better than okay. It comforts me and brings me peace. Perspective is everything. Mindset, mindfulness, this is what changes everything for me. I am grateful for these things I believe. #healingthroughthearts #sunsetphotography #createjoy #perspectiveiseverything #mindset #mindfulness #gratitude #thisibelieve #selfcare #obs