Nadia Heng 邢敏敦 (@nadiaheng)

5 days ago

Hello Day 8 under RMO! . As soon as i got my new #ASICSMY in the mail the other day, I went for a little stroll in the compound for some fresh air! It was beautiful! . . It was my last walk though, seeing as all the facilities are closed, I realised it is probably best to shelve those walks till after everything is settled down and make do with home workouts. 😉 . While it has been scary with so much uncertainty, especially working in a gig based economy, I’ve been feeling very grateful for a lot of things too. . 📖Because there is no rushing around with places to be, it means I’ve had long , uninterrupted days of being able to read, study or focus on a project. . 🧺Being able to #MarieKondo every other cupboard and drawer 🍳I’ve enjoyed taking my time in the kitchen and preparing meals that take longer than 10 mins . ❤️ I’ve been able to rope family in for two games of Scrabble so far, big win considering we normally only play once in a blue moon! . ☕️I’ve spent so much time with my plants, reading and sipping coffee on the balcony. . What have been your toughest struggles adjusting to life under #RMO ? . What are some things you’ve found to be pleasant surprises? 🤩 . . #riseandgrindsunshine #gratefulheart #littlethings #sunisshining ☀️ #covid19 #wednesdayvibes #wednesdaymood #positivity #mindset #positivevibesonly #dudukrumah #dudukrumahdiamdiam #sunshinestateofmind #goodhabits #goodmorning