Southern 🦋 Grace by Design (@southerngracebydesign)

2 weeks ago

I'll just confess this right upfront, because yeah, it's obvious this silly girl has one hotmess mama... this is single parenting life. Gracie Lynn had just got in her first styled clothing mix from #kidpik and whoa(! ) she felt so cool in her new outfits. The mix came with adorable strappy sandals and these pink lens aviator sunglasses. Thus, she's now ready to be a video star. Yep, that's my girl! She's full of joy and spirit, a fun energy that keeps me smiling and on my toes. She also quite the beat! 🤩 And at 6 years old she is already much aware how to smile her way out of trouble. I let her play games, such as, #candycrush and watch videos ya know like #batdad but ohhh how quickly the apps list has grown. Quite honestly, I don't know half of what's she's downloaded or if they're appropriate or not. I'm honestly not even sure if this is #tictoc or what the lyrics are to this beat. Lordy, help me! (What song is this?! ) So it's time to wipe the phone clean and start anew with a kid friendly parental control setting that I'm hoping I'll figure out.