Southern 🦋 Grace by Design (@southerngracebydesign)

4 weeks ago

Ohhh this is what I am learning bandlab calls 'looping'... and thank goodness for Google, YouTube, and Bandlab cus oh my I have no dang clue! Still, I might be wrong, it's ok. I recently received a DM from another Mama friend of mine on Instagram who told me she just purchased a guitar and is trying at it as well. She asked me about the initial pain of learning. Literally your finger tips can feel like they are spliced and bleeding lol but you keep on through it because of the longer goal. And, it is so much fun trying out new things and ways to put all my words into the sounds of music. I am not much of one for technology. It is a love/hate relationship for sure. I'll learn it if I must and it sorta feels ya gotta have it these days. But, it is kinda like pulling teeth with me. So I'll keep pushing myself towards growth, especially when the technology is used as tools for music and creating joy. To make that feeling even better, is when I realized that in my trying, in the creating of my own joy, and with the courage to share my imperfections... I inspired another woman to do the same. Now that is truly empowering to me and for so many reaaons. It's a real eye opener to the possibility that I can truly make a difference even if I'm not perfect. It reminds me to keep on going. To not give in to the false beliefs I have allowed to condition my mindset over the years. It reminds me to just be me. I can be real and I can make a difference. I can breathe. I am survivor of suicide loss. I have learned healing through the arts. I have learned resiliency and courage through expression in many forms. Whether it be a new painting, a sketch, poetry, writing, or music, I have found a flow to allow all the negative energy out to clear the path for all the goodness. #artist #writer #artislife #writingislife #musicislife #createjoy #resiliency #lyricwriter #selfempowerment #emowerment #dontgivein #survivorsofsuideloss #ptsd #suicidelosssurvivor #griefjourney #healingjourney #amwriting #writerslife #songwriting #bandlab #iamlearning #loopingbeats #musicbeats #empowering #creativejoy #selfhealing #healingmindset #southerngracebydesign #healingthroughthearts #inspire