Lichelle West 🇿🇦 (@graceful_life_1998)

6 days ago

**Graceful Queen** - - Gracy was feeling very fresh yesterday and she definitely gave me a run for my money. She was very jittery and being a typical mare - unreasonable. I started using my 101 Dressage excercise book again and I absolutely love it. The book includes beginner to advanced exercises, in hand and rider excercises and I try to base her training on small victories. We will not achieve perfection the first time doing something but we can strive to perfect it in the near future. She was very responsive and supple but as soon as I gave her a long rein to take a breather after an excercise she started eating anything she could find. Can I just add, she does this ☝️ in the walk while stretching down. - - My nieces cleaned out their tackroom and I was the lucky winner to test out their old pink PVC bridle and martingale. I have ridden in it a couple of times and I love it! I like that it is low maintenance and I can just hose it down with my bit. All of my numnuhs I have with me are dirty and in desperate need of a good wash when I go home again. The numnuhs I own are black, brown, blue, red or white and I don't own anything girly enough for this bridle, so I decided to "borrow" or let's call it use @abbyy_equestrian @horze numnah she "accidentally" left "unknowingly" at my house. The words in quotation marks may or may not be the whole truth but I did ask her and she was fine with it😂. - - We are planning on doing a Sabine Klehe Dressage clinic on Sunday the 23rd of February and I am super excited about that!! - - [TAGS 🔖] #ottb #horsesofinstagram #horse #baymare #5yearsold #horsey #horses_of_instagram #horse_riding #horsefun #equinephotography #equestrianstyle #equineblogger #gracefulqueen #horsemanship #equinesofinstagram   #equestrianofinstagram #equestrian #horselover #thoroughbred #thoroughbredofinstagram #horselove #trainingyoungsters #eventingforlove #offthetrackthoroughbred #showjumping   #playingaround #showjumpersofinstagram #photography #canonphotography #eventing