Jonas Cozone (@jonascozone)

Feb 2020

This year it’s the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90, so i decided to take out all my older releases and make this pic (left out some doubles and crumbled pairs that need a soleswap ). All 2001-2007, the best years IMO. When quality and shape were still top priority for Nike. ▪️ The Air Max 90 was the first model i really fell in love with (yes, even more than the AM1 ). I was only 2 when they originally released in 1990, but later in the early 2000s is when it all started for me. As a young teenager i saw this model a lot in the streets worn by graffiti writers and Belgian/French hiphop artists. That’s when i knew i absolutely needed a pair. I loved the streamlined shape, the big plastic lacehole panels, the mudguard, the air bubble accent, just the overall shape and look were perfect to me. My first pair was an all leather 2002 pair I bought (or better yet, my mom bought after a lot of whining :D ) in footlocker on sale. No nickname, just a classic simple GR colorway. After that when i started earning my own money, my collection started growing more and more. As you can see, I never really was into the hype or collab releases, never liked weird color combos or prints on shoes, I preferred to keep it simple with the infrared as my all-time favorite followed by the ‘Escape II’ and the ‘Hot Limes’. most of these I bought 10 to 17 years ago when ebay and dusty local independent sport shops were still bargain goldmines. I miss those days!