It’s An Inside Job✨KATHYCAMP (@living_agelessly)

2 weeks ago

ITS FINALLY Happening!! #houserenovation 💫💫💫 And as I walk up this ancient street in this ancient Pueblo @Trujillo to the front door of FINALLY our hundred-year-old modest-shop-keeper’s home (with a roof NOW falling in ) ...I say with a smile “There you are little house. We are finally going to make you a home. Together you 🏠 and us.“ 🎞📱📱📸 So happy out flew A POEM; I move my camera lens around as I take pictures mindfully looking at where you came from and where I will take you. . I look forward to knowing you there under years of plaster and paint. 🏠🏠🏡 . And Don’t worry ...I’ll honor your terra-cotta roof which was once of the earth then informed by local hands long ago. Even your stone walls made from cut rock hardened by the push of the earth 🌍 ...will not go unnoticed.😍 It will be more then enough to support you and shelter us. ❤️❤️🏠 It is In that AWARENESS I look over the. objects that will form this house ...OUR House 🏡 & I delight in getting to take this journey to follow your Origins back to the ancient hands that formed you from these grounds. 🙏 You’ll be safe with me I whisper . Happy Wednesday my friends! It looks like we are finally moving forward on the house in my boyfriend’s family Pueblo in Spain!!! More pictures in my stories!! 😀