Son, Zizi and Dani 🌿 (@twelvemuses)

2 days ago

Daisy fields.. how I miss you 🌿 . Tomorrow in the morning we are off to a short holiday around the corner in a small mountain village, just by ourselves of course and we are planning just to talk to the cows and chickens around and soak into that crisp autumn air. Some say.. “Buy a house in the countrysie already”, or .. “what’s with the nature, are you beavers”, Friends fellows will understand the refference.. but yeah, we are so happy there. I know that country life is not easy, I’ve been living all my childhood there and I’ve seen the good and the hard, but I need to romanticize a little bit the life now, wherever it takes us 💫 . #Romantics 🍂🐮🐱🌿🌲