Marji Jones| Inspiration Coach (@marjij.jones)

4 days ago

Happy freaking Sunday 🗣 Facebook. The weather has been absolutely perfect! I've had to miss it getting over strep throat 😢☹. Sunday is the day I set my intentions for the following week. I plan out my pockets of time to accomplish or work towards the weekly and monthly goals I have set for me and for my family! Getting intentional with your time will really help you find the time for the things, YOU never thought you had time for! Being "consistent" in this habit, and it will start to produce results!!👍 I promise. As you begin to ✅ things off you, will see the difference. Not only see the difference, but you will feel more in control and more accomplished. You dont need some fancy planner to get started either 🤔! A notebook from the dollar tree and pen will work just fine. Smart phone📱 capabilities these days make it super easy to get focused and organized and setup for success. Just out of curiosity, what are your favorite phone apps? I'm talking apps to get organized, couponing apps, budget apps, video and phone editing apps.. basically any app of hobby or interest that is productive. Let's create a space of shareable content.... Marji Xoxo💋