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4 days ago

Have you ever heard of Maria Francesca Cabrini?💚 There is a new statue in town! Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled the statue of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first U.S. citizen to be canonized by the Catholic Church and patron saint of immigrants, in Battery Park City last Monday October 12th. She was an Italian-American born in Lombardy region in 1850 , moved to NYC in 1889 and worked tirelessly to improve lives of orphans, immigrants and Newyorkers.🔝 Created by Jill and Giancarlo Biagi, the bronze memorial depicts Mother Cabrini on a boat with two children and faces Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of hope for immigrants coming to New York.🛥 Cuomo said something very important we should all think about: “We all know that these are challenging times, but we also know that in the book of life, it is not what one does when the sun is shining that tests our mettle – it’s what one does in the fury of the storm, and that’s where we are today,” Cuomo said in a statement. “In this complex world, may this statue serve to remind us of the principles that made us great as a country and as a people and the principles that keep us special on this globe – the values of Mother Cabrini: compassion, acceptance, community, freedom, faith, hope and love” Please do me 2 favors: 1️⃣ Go vote and vote in person 2️⃣ If you have at least 1 immigrant friend smartly consider your vote, you guys HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SOME OF US HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH AS IMMIGRANTS IN THE US FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS!🙏🏼 please vote smart but mainly with your heart♥️ 📸 @empathicktea