gaz swinfield (@gazswinfield)

6 days ago

So now even the CDC admits the Virus has Never been no succesful Labortary Tests to Isolate and Confirm the Existance of SARS-COC2 VIRUS.ALLEGED to have caused the COVID 19 to put it Blunt and TRUTHFUL the Science tells us THERE IS NO VIRUS..yet the Evil Corrupt Goverment still is Scareing everyone into Believeing there is.There going to Lock us Down for not a few weeks but MONTHS.DESTROYING LIVES JOBS HEALTH.we will face Poverty like never why dont you Stupid Fools wearing the Face Nappies WAKEUP BEFORE ITS TO LATE.????? #NOTFAKETESTS #NOVACCINE #NOMASKS #FAKEVIRUS #WAKEUP #BORISJOHNSON