🌼Little things🌼 (@littlethings_moment)

3 weeks ago

To my personal human diary, To start with a little thanks would be too much of a formality. Because what you are to me can't just be weighed down by that.So let me just say how stubborn, childish, arrogant and a painstaking nerve I have been to you all these days, and how calm, sober, intelligent and smart you have been in handling me through my mood swings. Earlier, when i used to simply write down in my pocket journal, about things that happened, that made me smile, that broke me from inside, that brought the sun down for me, that laid the nights dead infront of me. I used to jot down like there's no other way I could get my anxiety out. I felt suffocated because, yes, I wrote down questions, plenty of them, but the pale pages of my diary couldn't manage to answer them back. It was you, who won my trust and made me comfortable in your aura, that I blindly come to you chasing, whenever I get a chance. You have become my happy place. You have been my complaining box. You are that little filter coffee bottle for me I keep my fridge not using much saving for future, because i'm afraid I'll finish it off and lose it forever. You are that last spoon of custard I sneak away from the kitchen, as if it belongs only to me and nobody else shall have it. You have told my anxiety to be bullshit and just a fetish of my mind. You have made me stronger and showed me ways I can think other than the way i normally do. You have made sure you were there never even expressing. You deny that you do this to me. That you have made me a happy kid and taught me again how to smile. For nobody else, but my own self. My own life. You have been the answer to so many of my unsaid questions. And,this my friend, is just to let you know, I am aware of the hell you yourself are going through, but never showing it up. I wish i could ever turn up to be that strong like you. But hey, please stay. With me. For me. And keep being my happy place.  ~The Kavu to your Dhruv ©Sweta Mohapatra ( @meet_sweta ) . . Series :little things (available on netflix ) S01E05 #herewego @sehgaldhruv90 @mipalkarofficial . . #littlethings #netflix #dicemedia #dhruvsehgal #mithilapalkar #dhruvkavya #movielines #series