Rach (@rachiewoo82)

6 days ago

Therapy.............. #honestpostalert I'm not saying this shit for sympathy, or for comments etc, i'm just saying it cause that's how i feel and i'm trying to break my own stigma around talking about this! It's hard, you will not be "fixed" after one session, there is no quick solution or quick win. It's fucking hard work and you have to put in the effort or else you're just wasting time and money.... But the benefits are SSSSSOOOO WORTH IT!! And the huge feelings of freedom and relief you get from it is incredible, just being able to talk with a non bias person is refreshing, and if like me you are lucky enough to click with your first(and only-in my case ) therapist then the struggle is less of a struggle. As someone who put it off for years, i highly recommend going to therapy, for any gender and any age. It's not all doom and gloom though, i had alot of sessions where we just laugh and just chat about nothing and that's still therapy. If you're in two minds, i say go for it/try it the worse thing you find its not for you, the best thing you'll get help that you didn't know you need! #therapy #therapymemes #therapyworks #therapysession #therapyiscool #thesememesarestolen #crazy #bpd #bpdawareness #bpdrecovery #bpdwarrior #dontknockittillyoutryit #breakthestigma