National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel) last month

Photo by @andrea_frazzetta | Old Cairo, Egypt. Two artisans in the pottery district of Al Fustat are playing domino during a break from work. This ancient area that hugs the Nile is right in the center of Cairo's heart. Old Cairo is a part of the Egyptian capital that predates most of the city that surrounds it. It was the nerve center of the Islamic world for a long time, with its importance peaking in the 14th century. Today, many ancient traditions carry on in this part of the city, including clay pottery. In these streets, the secret of workmanship is transmitted from generation to generation. The clay used in the traditional workshops is sourced from Aswan, which is about 1,000 kilometers south of Cairo. In the past, the city's quarries provided the granite for so many of ancient Egypt's prominent sculptures. To see more photos from my travels, follow me @andrea_frazzetta #egypt #cairo #streetphotography